Each casino has rows of slot machines waiting for their players. Near each machine there is a table that contains information about the operation of slots, for example, the chance of winning. And as a rule, this table contains a set of basic winning combinations. When these combinations of symbols appear on the prize line of the slot machine, the player gets his money. Prize lines are horizontal lines that can be seen on the display of the slot machine.

Previously, slots gave out winnings with chewing gum, and the fruits that were depicted on them indicated the taste of the prize.

Return rate

In slots, the return on average ranges from 80 to 98 percent, depending on the minimum bet and competition. Typically, slots with high returns are found in Las Vegas casinos as the competition is fierce there. The average return on slots in the country is 90%, and the house share is 10% from each bet.

In online casinos, the situation with payments is much better, since they do not require large investments, unlike ordinary casinos. However, you shouldn’t rush to online slots right away, because first you need to check them for honesty and quality. They must be checked by a specialist and must work on a random number generator. Once you figure out the payout percentages, things become much easier. When a slot machine promises 95% payout, this means that the slot machine will give out up to 95% of the money invested in it, i.e. from each invested million, the slot can issue up to 950,000. The slot is played not for the sake of money, but for the sake of entertainment. In them, everything is based on luck, and the player can in no way increase his chances of winning.

The importance of payments

Players who do not pay attention to the paytable and the features of the slot machine often leave with empty pockets. But the players who always make the maximum bets rarely see the profit. The best idea is to study the information about the odds of winning combinations in the note to the slot machine, which is located nearby.

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